The events surrounding the 2008 global financial crisis created a paradigm shift in investor behavior. 

In the years since, the trend in personal investing has migrated toward ultra-conservatism and a distinct “invest-not-to-lose” mentality. This easy to automate approach continues to be actively promoted by the banks, industry regulators, and other financial institutions.  We understand why this trend developed but we also recognize that in today's markets, many individuals and families will only achieve thier most important financial goals by adopting a more hands-on approach to their personal finances.

We realize that most Canadian households have to work very hard to save and grow their money to achieve the financial goals they have in mind. Although wealth preservation is a very important part of any complete financial plan, it makes up just one piece of the overall puzzle. The fact is, most Canadians simply cannot afford to just preserve what they have accumulated to date if they expect to enjoy their lifestyle later in life.  

A better strategy is required.


Our Difference is Our Experience

In the current environment of low interest rates, low volatility and low returns, we see that investment expenses, inflation, and ever increasing taxation will ultimately impact your attempt to accumulate assets.  Other complexities in markets today such as algorithmic trading and dark pools further limit the opportunities for the average retail investor to create wealth through capital growth.  A 2016 study shows Canadian households employing a financial advisor for more than 15 years accumulated 290 percent more assets than households who did not use the services of an advisor.

We expertly balance our unique wealth-creation opportunities and our complete wealth-preservation portfolios to meet the financial goals our clients feel are most important. Together our team has over 105 years of experience in the areas of trading, retail capital markets, investment consulting, portfolio management, and advanced wealth planning. We leverage every bit of that expertise to provide our clients with a bespoke Strategic Wealth Enhancement experience. 

Choose us and together we will begin the fully consultative (not automated) process to understand your goals and needs. We will work hard with you to develop, build and customize a complete financial solution for all of your wealth creation and wealth preservation needs.