We developed our unique Strategic Wealth Enhancement  platform because we saw both a need and an opportunity for a better total wealth experience for Canadians.

As experienced investment and capital markets professionals serving clients across the country – and managing our own families’ investments – we became increasingly frustrated watching the extensive shift to more impersonal and self-serving investment models occuring at the major Canadian financial institutions.  Large companies that put shareholder’s interests in front of their clients’ with an emphasis on selling pre-packaged advice rather than personal servicing.  Delivering lagging results with a strong bias toward  high-margin, proprietary products.

The investment industry in Canada has suffered greatly from the inertia caused by the global financial crisis.  As a result, the Banks are offering Canadian families evermore generic investment choices and providing limited opportunities for appreciable growth.  It seems that all but the wealthiest Canadians are being forced to settle for automated drive-through wealth planning and investment services. 

We witnessed this segmenting of the Canadian investing public first hand and we choose to be different. We choose to offer our clients more.  Customized, service oriented solutions that provide a balance between unique wealth-creation opportunities and expert wealth-preservation and advanced planning options.


At Canaccord, you have exclusive access to the extensive resources of a truly global financial firm.  You will benefit from our award-winning research team that identifies the best investment opportunities within and beyond Canada’s borders, world-class portfolio managers who recommend skillfully positioned global asset allocation strategies, and the industry’s most flexible investment platform that enables us to choose impartially from a wide universe of investment solutions to meet your specific needs.

Today, we are one of Canada’s largest independent wealth management firms for individuals and families across the country. We provide a stable, confidential home for people who want greater control of their wealth and individually tailored solutions. The result is that we can design sophisticated, innovative, forward-thinking portfolios that are customized to meet the most complex financial needs, and continue to guide you confidently towards the future you envision.  We provide complete wealth management services for our clients coast to coast.

Our clients feel part of something special, and they are – it was built for them.

You’ve heard our story. We’d like to hear yours!