Wealth Enhancement

Money means different things to different people, what does it mean to you?

We work closely with you to understand how your money should best be put to work to achieve your most important goals.  We build and maintian the optimal balance in your portfolio to suit your specific wealth creation and wealth preservation requirements. Most importantly, balance to us means we are the steady voice in the times of stress and the moderating conscience in the face of euphoria.   

Wealth Creation

Maximize Opportunity

For decades we have helped our clients succeed by connecting them with quality Canadian resource companies looking to grow and build their business’.  Our philosophy is that of being entrepreneurs first and financiers second; the premise is to invest in quality management teams that operate superior companies in the right industry. We partner directly with management at the earliest stages, providing our experience and advice in the areas of capital structure, public markets, and capital raising strategies. We help create, build and guide these companies along the way so as to always have our finger on the pulse of the business.     

As our client you would have exclusive access to these early stage equity investment opportunities in the Canadian resource sector.

Specialty Investment Opportunities include:

  • Private Placements
  • IPO’s
  • Secondary Offerings
  • Capital Pool Companies
  • SPAC’s
  • At Market Offerings
  • Short Form Prospectus    

This unique investment strategy provides our clients early access to high quality, well-structured growth opportunities. Our investors often participate right alongside management in the financing of their projects. Capital investments are limited to specific companies that meet our stringent investment criteria.  We place a strong emphasis on having a solid corporate structure at the earliest stages and a dedicated management team with a long term plan for success.  

Wealth Preservation

Control the Risks

As we navigate various stages in our lives we naturally place more and more emphasis on protecting that which we have worked so hard to achieve.  Our approach to wealth preservation is unique in the wealth management business. We believe a successful capital preservation strategy must first focus on controlling risk and should not sacrifice peace of mind for incremental returns. We do this very effectively by offering our clients direct access to multiple, best-in-class, third party pension managers on an investment platform usually reserved for only the wealthiest individuals or families. 

We engage directly with our clients in a fully consultative process.  We work with you to develop and build an investment portfolio that provides for your needs and goals while giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your welfare is our paramount concern.  Our portfolio management process is ongoing meaning the consultative approach does not end.  Through our regular progress assessments we continually evaluate your situation and adjust the investment plan, as necessary, to ensure your changing needs are always reflected in your complete wealth strategy.

When considering what we have “at risk” financially, most of us initially think of the principal investment involved with buying stocks, bonds, or other investments. Risk however is present in all areas of the financial landscape.  Beyond investment consulting we are pleased to offer our clients access to a full suite of complete advanced wealth planning services.  These services include cash flow & tax mitigation, wealth transfer & estate planning, wealth protection & insurance services and also philanthropic solutions.